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Passport photo My name is Janne Aho, and I'm born the 30th January 1972, in the year of the boar.

I have lived in both Finland and Sweden, most of the time it has been in Sweden, but in my youth I visited my grandparents in Finland almost every summer and winter.

After 'collage' I have been studying "Computer Science" at "Högskolan i Sövde" and at "Göteborgs Universitet". Between I studied "Construction Engineering" at "Chalmers Tekniska Högskola". I'm a Linux fan, which I have it installed on all of my computer, even the Pegasos.

At the moment I'm working at as software developer for a smaller company, earlier I have worked at a cemetery and a while as programmer for a company in Stockholm and I have worked at a grocery store as manager of the fruit and vegetable department.

If you have a job opportunity for me in Hong Kong, please contact me.

Me in uniform I was always fascinated by my grandfathers war memories, and wanted to be a soldier. It has been quite peaceful in Scandinavia since '45, so there hasn't been requirement for large number of full time soldiers. But as a 15 year old boy I joined the Swedish Local Defense Army's youth section, from where I advanced to the regular unit of SLDA. It could be compared to the US National Guard.

Kennis Lai Kennis is the girl who makes my heart beat, my little sweetheart. It all started as a random chat on ICQ, talking about most things. We have developed quite deep feelings for each other, so now days we do spend quite allot of hours on-line chatting with each other and exchanging gifts.
I had the most wonderful time in Hong Kong with Kennis, we spent most of the time in different shopping malls, but I managed to take some pictures and here they are.

I use my computers quite little except for netting, but it happens that I make CDDAs or DATA-CDs or program small utilities on my Amiga or play games like Urban Terror 2 (Quake 3) or Return to the castle Wolfenstein on my Linux workstation.

I do play quite allot of RPG with my friends, if I'm the GM then it's usually AD&D, Fading Suns or Feng Shui. If someone else is the GM, then we usually play Warhammer or Sahdowrun, sometimes it can be Kult. I prefer to play Half-Elves or Elves, if possible a magic using fighter type. A character with magic skills feels much more interesting than a plain character.

When it comes to books, I prefer to read fantasy and historical-fiction. The two best fantasy series I have read are 'Wheel of Time' by Robert Jordan, 'The Rift War' by Raymond E. Feist. One other author which I like is Arthur C. Clarke and I think his best is the Rama-series.

I once played in a band called Sud Islamica, but nowdays I only listen to music. My favorites are Björk, Depeche Mode (older tracks), S.P.O.C.K, Jarre, Kitaro, Kraftwerk, Enya, Värttinä, MeNaiset, Faye Wong and Noriko Sakai. I do listen to some rave music, but I never go on a rave-party or such.

When it comes to movies and telly series I like to see fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal and HK-action movies. I have spent quite allot on DVD movies (zone 1), mostly for I hate to wait a year before seeing a movie at the cinema. First I used my windowz-box to see the movies, but now I have a real DVD-player.
My favorite telly series was the X-Files, but without Fox Mulder it's not the same.

My favorite Sunday activity is to watch the Formula One race, the season 2007 has been good for Räikkönen (Ferrari), as he won the title, and Heikki Kovalainen who will be driving for McLaren.