Will Estlandia become the 6th Nordic country?

There are those in Estonia who thinks it’s time to rebrand Estonia and call it Estlandia and adopt the Nordic cross flag.

The brotherhood with the other Baltic countries is fading and the ties to the Nordic countries are far older and longer (keep in mind that once in the time Estonia has been part of Denmark, Sweden and even the Duchy of Finland and many Finns, Swedes and Danes fought for Estonia’s independence in the 1919) and Sweden oldest University was founded in Reval (today’s Tallinn).

The cross flag would move Estonia or Estlandia toward the Nordic family and would be less associated with Eastern Europe, Soviet Union and corruption. Also ties to Finland would be deepened and the possibility to tie the two capitals together to one city (the planned railroad tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn). As Finnish and Estonian is quite similar, the languages status in the Nordic council would increase.

The Nordic countries are important for Estonia’s trade, so becoming a part of the Nordic community would improve the economical growth in Estonia.

Let see how the new Estonian government will react on this suggestion which even a former Estonian President supports.

The whole story in Finnish at Yle

A new World Order – the return of fascism

We have seen some major political changes and we will see more of it in 2017, where the fascistic block is making huge advancements in many countries like they did in USA when the failed business man Donald Trump was elected to become the next president after running a hate campaign not just against Hillary Clinton but Muslims and Mexicans. The rhetoric reminded a lot of mid 1930’s in Germany and Italy.

In the post-truth world, the alternative “news agencies” was writing news which appealed to xenophobic and homophobic mid-age white men who thought that globalization was the reason to all the bad things that happen without understanding the deeper issues of inequality of the worlds wealth distribution the main reason to much of the political instability in the world (62 persons owning more than 50% of the resources).

Both in US and in UK (after the brexit vote), there was a big increase of attacks against minorities, when a fascist inspired fraction wins an election, the members of the fraction seems to see it as it’s okay to attack the minorities, in a similar way as it was in Germany pre-World War II against the Jewish population. This time the governments will not be able to hoard in money, as the Muslims living in the West ain’t as rich compared with the Jews living in Germany before World War II.

The blaming of globalization for loss of jobs is heated on by the alt-right pseudo-news agencies and the people are fooled by the message without realizing that the reason for loosing jobs in the West is automation of industry in the same way as it was in the 18th century industrialization. The benefits of lower consumer product costs are completely forgotten. In a similar way the free movement within EU has been blamed for job losses in England and Wales, while the free movement has barely managed to keep up with the demand of low paid workforce to jobs which most Englishmen do not want. The projection is that UK will need more than 64000 immigrants in working age each year or UK will hit a regression if there ain’t enough workers. Thanks to the brexit victory, UK will loose the immigrants it so badly needs and over 70000 jobs within the Banking sector which has brought in a lot of tax money and more jobs will be lost in other sectors when companies move to Ireland and France.

There is only one country who benefit from these neo-fascists movements raise to power and that is Putin’s Russia, a totalitarian country which appeals to fascists. Russian government has spent huge amount of money to help the fascist movement to get stronger, as they favor isolationism, which would make EU weaker (or even disappear) and in the void Russia would become the new main power in Europe and be able to form weak European countries to follow Russian politics. If NATO gets weakened, then  there ain’t anyone to be able to stop Russia from forcing Russian rule over the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics.

It’s not a question about replace the corrupt established politicians, it’s to replace them with even more corrupt people who will be even more willing to milk out the ordinary people and they will not regret to use violence to keep them in power, just see how Putin has murdered his opposition when they show they have the means to stop him. If Marine Le Pen would become President of France, then we will have the first Nazi in power since Hitler and things will be ugly in France, we will see radical Muslim terrorism and white power counter terrorism which will spread to neighboring countries.

The answer ain’t going to the left, those on the outer left wing are as much financed by Russia, we need to stay in the center, build up the free world against Putinism, Trumpism, fascism and xenophobia, it’s time to save the world from the evil Axis (Washington-Moscow-ISIS)..

Congratulations to Scotland, a new independence referendum

When the people in the United Kingdoms had to say their opinion about EU, they showed they are quitters and racists (sadly we saw how bad it’s in UK with the murder of Jo Cox). It was England and Wales who showed their backs to a possible better Europe. In Scotland the wast majority wanted to stay, as everything changed they now have a reason to redo the independence referendum, as it’s not just about being a part of UK, but being a part of a larger community or a country which currency has fallen like a rock and in a few hours we will see the UK stock market do the same. The big looser will those with small stock portfolios, who will see 1/3 to 1/2 of the value to disappear and it will take years before they will regain value that it’s worth to sale them.

Thanks to you all racists and fascists, Europe got smaller and Putin’s power grew.