Congratulations to Scotland, a new independence referendum

When the people in the United Kingdoms had to say their opinion about EU, they showed they are quitters and racists (sadly we saw how bad it’s in UK with the murder of Jo Cox). It was England and Wales who showed their backs to a possible better Europe. In Scotland the wast majority wanted to stay, as everything changed they now have a reason to redo the independence referendum, as it’s not just about being a part of UK, but being a part of a larger community or a country which currency has fallen like a rock and in a few hours we will see the UK stock market do the same. The big looser will those with small stock portfolios, who will see 1/3 to 1/2 of the value to disappear and it will take years before they will regain value that it’s worth to sale them.

Thanks to you all racists and fascists, Europe got smaller and Putin’s power grew.

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